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Children's In-Home Crisis Stabilization Program

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Children's In-Home Crisis
Stabilization Program

We serve suicidal and homicidal children who can’t be hospitalized, in order to diffuse the crisis, promote a healthy family, prevent suicide, and keep the family unit together. The children served in the program are typically between 5-18 years of age, and referred to us through the County Contract of a Mental Health Program. Program requirements are that a child is experiencing a mental health crisis. This could mean a child has had active suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts and plans, or self harming behavior. It could also mean a child has active homicidal ideation/plans and assaultive behavior. Most youths in this situation also exhibit self-medicating behavior. The Program Services provided are field based crisis services that include short term in-home therapy (individual and group), case management, mental health rehabilitation, with a focus on maintaining family stabilization and preventing hospitalization.