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The Priority Center’s Outreach and Engagement Program (O&E) is dedicated to preventing the further development of behavioral health conditions and/or intervening early to prevent conditions from getting worse. The program is free of cost and is designed to reach people of all ages who are vulnerable or experience mild to moderate behavioral health conditions. The Priority Center’s O&E program serves the Central Region of Orange County and is part of a collaborative which comprises of OCAPICA serving the Northern Region, and Western Youth Services serving the Southern Region of Orange County. The Priority Center’s O&E offers short-term case management, 1:1 skill building sessions, mental health screenings, educational workshops, support groups, as well as short-term mental health counseling for participants who meet criteria after screening.

Cities currently served: Costa Mesa/ Fountain Valley/Garden Grove/ Huntington Beach/Orange/Santa Ana/Villa Park/Midway City

  • Children
  • Transitional age youth
  • Adults and Seniors
  • Participants from social services or the juvenile system
  • Persons on probation
  • Monolingual non-English speakers
  • Recent immigrants
  • Refugees
  • Homeless individuals
  • Deaf and hard of hearing/other disabilities
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex (LGBTQIA)
  • Veterans

Services Offered: 

  • Short-Term Case Management in-home visits: Comprehensive needs assessment, 1:1 skill building, and connection to resources to improve emotional well-being and access to long-term services.
  • Short-Term Counseling in-home visits: Comprehensive mental health assessment, counseling and brief therapy to identify risks and work on solutions to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Mental Health Screenings: Screening questionnaires that enable participants to obtain own scoring on Depression and/or Anxiety (conducted in-home, at outreach events and libraries).
  • Educational Workshops: Topics include emotional and social well-being, growth and development, life skills, anger and stress management, healthy communication, and healthy relationships (1.5-2 hours each workshop).
  • 1:1 Skill Building Sessions: Topics include Emotional and social well-being, growth and development, life skills, anger and stress management, healthy communication, and healthy relationships (30 minute sessions scheduled in the home, library, or at a nearby public place).
  • Support Groups: Provide support and encouragement from peers to cope with challenges and enable resilience (currently not offered due to low demand from participants).

Current educational workshops and 1:1 skill building session topics:

  • Bullying and Self-Esteem: Explores the definitions of bullying and highlights intervention techniques for working with victims, bystanders, and bullies. Explains what self-esteem is and how we can improve our own self-esteem and help empower others.
  • Signs of Mental Illness and Stigma Reduction: Promotes positive mental health using an action plan and identifies symptoms of common brain disorders. Introduces cultural and social causes of stigma and promotes empathy and empowerment.
  • Substance Abuse: Provides an overview of basic phases of substance use, abuse, and dependence, and its effects on mental health.
  • Communication: Offers communication tips for talking to youth as well as adults, describes how to use guiding questions and “you” versus “I” statements. Emphasizes healthy communication tips.
  • Understanding Your Child’s Behavior: Examines different temperament traits, provides suggestions for fostering sibling relationships, and presents a brief overview of ages and developmental stages.
  • Choosing Healthy Relationships: Identifies signs and behaviors related to, and the common myths associated with, dating abuse. Interactive scenarios are presented and resources are provided.
  • Healthy Media Boundaries: Focuses on setting boundaries for media usage and understanding the impact media has on youth. Introduces topics of cyberbullying and harassment while providing tips to avoid victimization.
  • Anger Management: Explores causes of anger and the effect of anger on mental health and well-being. Emphasizes various techniques for achieving anger management.
  • Stress Management and Self-Care: Explores stress and the effect of stress on well-being. Emphasizes stress management techniques.
  • Time Management: Provides an overview on the importance of time management and provides strategies on time management.
  • Suicide Prevention/Awareness: Identifies signs and risk factors associated with self -harm, provides support and strategies.
  • Conflict Resolution: Provides techniques on how to manage disagreements, find better ways to communicate and develop empathy.
  • Healthy Marriage: Provides an overview of a healthy marriage and techniques for addressing marital conflicts.
  • Nutrition and Well-Being: Provides information and strategies on healthy eating and other health related topics.
  • Senior Series: Provides information on fall prevention and healthy aging strategies.

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