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Who We Are


Formerly known as the Child Abuse Prevention Center, our organization was founded in 1983 from a single volunteer-based parent-aide program to a large, diverse and talented organization employing more than 120 professional staff, two-thirds of whom provide direct services to children, their families, young adults and adult clients. In 2019, we became The Priority Center. Though our name had changed, the foundation on which we built our legacy did not. Our name supports the breadth of our programs and all those we have served for over 38 years and will continue to serve moving forward.

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Currently we offer eight programs, each designed to meet specific community needs. Since our founding, we have provided services to more than 300,000 children and parents in our community. Last year, our programs directly served over 6,000 children and families from all walks of life–each of them coming to us to help break the generational cycle of trauma of abuse and neglect.

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The devastating effects of abuse and trauma can last a lifetime. We believe that by providing our clients with the necessary tools to cope, therapy and counseling to work through their challenges, our clients can end the generational cycle of trauma and become successful individuals.