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Year End Giving

It’s not too late to make an impactful gift! 

Donate to help The Priority Center end the generational cycle of Trauma.

As we embrace the spirit of giving and eagerly anticipate a new year, the urgency of our mission at The Priority Center becomes even clearer. Shockingly, more than 150,000 children in Orange County are grappling with mental health conditions – a number that surpasses the capacity of Angels Stadium more than three times over! With your continued support, The Priority Center stands as a pillar of hope, tirelessly working to provide solace and care to those in their darkest moments.

Your Transformative Investment

Your investment in our work is truly transformative. It not only impacts the lives of those we serve today but resonates through their families and future generations. The Priority Center’s work is a beacon of life-changing prevention, and we acknowledge that we can’t do it without YOU!

A Personal Journey: Kim’s Story

Take a moment to reflect on the inspiring journey of a single mother named Kim. Faced with language barriers, Kim relied on The Priority Center’s services to stay afloat. Thanks to your invaluable support, we provided Kim and her child with healthcare, financial assistance, basic needs, and parenting classes. Today, Kim is enrolled in school, actively participating in job readiness training, and her daughter benefits from ABA therapy. Your generosity has transformed their lives, serving as an inspiration for others to seek the transformative provided by The Priority Center.

Continuing the Fight

With 1 in 5 youth nationally experiencing mental health conditions and suicide ranking as the second leading cause of death in young people ages 10-24, we recognize that there is still much work to do. We rely on your help to continue making a meaningful impact.

Be a Change Maker this Holiday Season

This holiday season, we invite you to be a Change Maker. Your year-end donation, no matter the amount, will contribute to ending the generational cycle of trauma and abuse. Your impact is immeasurable, and every dollar makes a significant difference.

Your Donation in Action

  • $5,000 can provide life-changing Parent Education Training for three months to 14 families.
  • $2,500 can offer one year of ongoing support for a client in crisis.
  • $1,000 can provide mentorship for isolated seniors.
  • $500 can provide warm bedding for a child in need.
  • $250 can fund a developmental screening for a child to determine any delays or disabilities.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and unwavering commitment to The Priority Center. Your support is instrumental in making a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

Together, Let’s Make a Difference. Donate Now!

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