O&E Specialist Bilingual Spanish

O&E Specialist Bilingual Spanish

Job Summary:

The Outreach & Engagement Specialist is familiar with and, a member of one of Orange County unserved or underserved communities, such as the Latino community, and is able to use her/his familiarity with the community to access unserved and underserved community members (all ages) who normally would not receive information about mental health/mental illness issues or obtain help when needed.  This Specialist targets mental health/mental illness awareness through skills building presentations in schools and other locations serving all ages individuals, provides case management as needed, structured interventions, crisis intervention, and provides community resource referrals and linkages to English and Spanish-speaking community members.



  • To promote mental health wellness and prevent mental illness of all ages individuals raising community awareness and increasing knowledge about mental health issues, reducing psychosocial risk factors and strengthening protective factors, addressing concerns, and promoting access to available community resources.
  • Assist the Director and Supervisor with outreach activities & other operation tasks of the Community Outreach and Engagement Program so that it achieves goal #1, provides programmatic excellence, and meets all contract requirements.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Distribute mental health/mental illness flyers, brochures, community resource information, and other materials to community members, organizations serving families, seniors, or community individuals and groups that can spread the word to potential participants in the city(ies) assigned, to obtain enrollments into the O&E program.
  • Conduct one on one Skill building sessions and mental health screenings at outreach events (level 1 and 2) during the week and weekend (weekend on a rotational basis).
  • Is in charge of own caseload.
  • Recruit mental health services consumers and other volunteers to help expand the mental health/mental illness awareness message.
  • Field hotline calls from the public, phone banking/skill building follow ups and assistance.
  • Assist Educators with presentations, crisis intervention, community resource referrals and linkages, and short-term case management as needed with prior approval from Program Director/Supervisor.
  • Attend community events as needed and act as a liaison with community groups, clinics, FRC’s, collaborative groups and other entities serving all ages individuals to enhance mental health issue awareness and knowledge.
  • Pitch in wherever needed to help the team launch and perfect the Outreach and Engagement Program.
  • Comply with daily data entry requirements in Exym (data entry system) and deadlines set by the county of Orange.
  • Comply with HIPAA and Mandated Reporter requirements.
  • Comply with staff goals set by Supervisor/Director (# of weekly O&E enrollments, #of monthly engagement units of service, #of monthly outreach contacts, and #of monthly events).
  • Additional duties as needed/assigned.


Position Qualifications:

  • Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma or GED.
  • Required: Bilingual Fluent Spanish (spoken and written).
  • Required: Ability to work evenings for clients who cannot meet during work hours and weekends for community outreach events (weekend work required at least every other week depending on community events scheduled on a rotational basis).
  • Knowledge of Orange County Resources.
  • Ability to give engaging presentations in front of large audiences on topics of mental health awareness.
  • Excellent initiative and ability to engage others and work as a team.
  • Highly enthusiastic, positive, kind, trustworthy, hardworking, and reliable.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
  • Some experience in social service or mental health field, preferably outreach.
  • Strong organization and accountability skills.


Working Conditions:

  • Working environment is predominantly indoors, reasonably clean, well-lighted and ventilated for data entry, as well as outdoors for outreach events in the public at different locations (libraries, parks, centers, etc.).
  • Generally little or no probability of injury or health impairments.
  • Requires some physical effort involving intermittent standing, sitting or walking while performing duties, occasional lifting up to 10-20 lbs.