Associate Manager (Bilingual Spanish) – Connected Care

The Priority Center is seeking a full-time Bilingual-Spanish Associate Manager for its Connected Care Program.


The Connected Care Associate Manager provides aftercare resource referral and safety planning support after clients complete the Crisis programs at the Priority Center. The program will provide in-home/in the field case management and rehab, as well as telehealth visits according to the client’s schedule and needs. Depending on the need and treatment goal, average completion of services is 3-6 months.


**The Priority Center also offers a 9/80 work week schedule which allows for one day off every two weeks (equivalent to having an additional 26 days off per year!)**



  1. Assessing and meeting the immediate, short-term needs of clients who are experiencing a crisis situation including domestic abuse, mental health crisis or suicide; working with referrals from both the Children’s In-Home Crisis Stabilization (CIHCS) and Adult In-Home Crisis Stabilization (AIHCS) programs.
  2. Provide aftercare services to families’ post-discharge from CIHCS and AIHCS programs in the form of safety planning, advocacy, working on coping, communication skills etc.
  3. Provide case management services to decrease readmissions to hospital/CSU.
  4. Connect clients to the community resources needed to help them achieve stability and improved quality of life.
  5. Linkage to needed social services including behavioral health and primary care.
  6. Develop rapport and a trusting relationship with clients with boundaries.
  7. Document and track all session notes in EHR system, Exym, within 24-48 hours of visit/session.
  8. Administer Pre- and Post-outcome surveys upon admission and discharge from Connected Care program.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Initial meeting is offered by a warm hand-off from the Crisis programs.
  • Provide in-home/in the field, telehealth and phone-based support providing rehab, case management, check-ins, referrals and follow-up services.
  • Directly responsible for:
    • Conducting a needs assessment with a care plan and providing client support, mentoring, and assistance with the navigation of community resources and services.
    • Provide guidance in accessing public services, including financial, housing, emergency assistance, food, etc.
    • Assist clients with safety planning, coping skills and in identifying and prioritizing aftercare options.
  • Data Tracking of every client who participates in the program as well as every session, resource provided, and phone call in the EHR system, Exym within 24-48 hours of service provided.
  • Build collaborative partnerships with existing and new community resources and providers for linkage and support purposes.
  • Maintain current awareness of community-based resources and public benefits available to clients including Orange County Social Services, Social Security and other non-profit social services agencies.
  • Maintain an up-to-date community resource directory.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Position Qualifications:

  • Required: Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Sociology or related field and experience of working with minors as well as adults experiencing mental health crises.
  • Required: Bilingual Spanish.
  • Required: Ability to accommodate client schedules of afternoons and evenings for sessions as well as the occasional weekend day for a client who cannot be seen during the work week.
  • Required: Comfort level working with a full caseload of suicidal/homicidal/self-harming clients.
  • Preferred: Crisis experience.
  • Preferred: Knowledge of Exym.
  • Knowledge of community resources in Orange County.
  • Comfort and versatility with technology.
  • Comfortable working with diverse populations including undocumented individuals, LGBTQIA populations, and those experiencing homelessness, substance abuse, and/or mental illness in person at different hours of the day.
  • Valid California Driver’s License and current automobile insurance.
  • Live Scan fingerprinting required.



This is a full time, non-exempt position with hourly compensation of $27.50 per hour.


To Apply:

Interested applicants please submit completed HR Employment Application and current resume to [email protected].