Chief Program Officer

Mission & Vision 

Our mission at The Priority Center is to deliver life-changing programs to assist people in crisis by giving them the tools and support necessary to end the generational cycle of trauma- including prevention of child abuse and neglect, through early intervention and mental health services and advocacy. We value every individual’s right to grow up and live in a safe and nurturing environment. 

How We Help 

The Priority Center’s 8 different life-changing programs are designed to work with each family’s or individual’s unique needs to directly serve those in need, reach those we can engage in our work, and teach those whom we cannot directly serve. 

Job Summary: 

The Chief Program Officer will be a leader in supporting a high performing and inclusive work culture, researching and modeling best practices across all areas of people management. To ensure a rewarding and inspiring mission-driven work environment including the supervision of Department Heads, and will lead the programs regarding best practices so that staff feels well-supported and useful in their roles. The Chief Program Officer reports to the Executive Director and serves a unique purpose to inform strategic planning and organizational development including activities for appropriate program design and innovation. The Chief Program Officer directs the day-to-day operations of all county, state and federal grant awards and programs and ensures the consistent achievement of programmatic goals and objectives. This is not a remote position. 

**The Priority Center also offers a 9/80 work week schedule which allows for one day off every two weeks (equivalent to having an additional 26 days off per year!)** 


1. Oversee three major contract funding areas: County/local, state and federal service programs. 

2. Manage daily program operations, develop program policy/procedures, conduct program assessment and evaluation, contract administration, and participate in strategic planning. 

3. Work collaboratively with the Executive Director and Controller to identify avenues of economic support for programs/projects. 

4. Conduct analysis and outreach efforts to enable program best practices. Create and execute candidate outreach strategies to recruit high potential individuals to develop collaterals, facilitate webinars and other similar activities. 

5. Encourage and solidify healthy, strategic relationships that bring the resources required to serve our community. 

6. Oversight and Professional Development of Program Staff and Teams in collaboration with CEO and Human Resources 

7. Implements 5- year Strategic plan created in 2022. 

8. Creates and implements a strong Training Program for Program Directors and Program teams. 

9. Provides Oversight of Program Evaluation, including development of private funded program evaluation. 

10. Assist Executive Director/CEO as Program Liaison in the Community 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

A. Program Oversight and Management

❖ Assist in developing and implementing plans and goals for all contract programs. 

❖ Work with the Executive Director to coordinate program operations. 

❖ Ensure compliance with regulations and internal and contractual policies. 

❖ Monitor attainment of contractual goals and objectives. 

❖ Undertake staffing responsibilities (hiring, training, evaluating etc.). 

❖ Ensure data tracking and evaluation is ongoing and effective. 

❖ Assist in budgeting and monitoring expenses of all contract funded programs. 

❖ Maintain scheduling of program events and represent the company when needed. 

❖ Create reports and submit them to the executive director for approval or other departments as necessary. 

❖ Fulfill duties as assigned by the Executive Director/CEO.


B. Staff Support 

❖ Maintain a climate that attracts, keeps, and motivates a diverse staff of top- quality team members. 

❖ Take responsibility in partnership with HR for recruitment, employment, and release of all contract program personnel, both paid staff and volunteers. 

❖ Ensure that appropriate job descriptions are developed, that regular performance evaluations are held, and that sound human resource practices are in place. 


C. Budget and Finance 

❖ Develop and Maintain sound relationship management and financial practices. 

❖ Work with the Executive Director, Development Department, and Controller in preparing a program budgets, program renewals, and see that the organization operates within budget guidelines. 

❖ Work as a part of Leadership Team to develop a sense of team throughout organization. 

Ending the cycle of generational trauma 1940 E. Deere Ave., Suite 100 Santa Ana, CA 92705 (P) 714-543-4333 | (F) 714-543-4398 The Priority Center is a 501 (c)(3) Public Benefits Corporation. | 

Position Qualifications: 

  • o In a leadership role in the service industry, either at a non‐profit or another related organization, directly managing staff successfully 
  • o Proven experience as an associate director or assistant vice president of operations or other similar position. 
  • o Experience in performance and operations management. 
  • o Knowledge of relevant regulations and quality standards. 
  • o Proficient in MS Office, relational databases and software (e.g. EXYM). 
  • o Outstanding communication and public speaking skills. 
  • o Excellent organizational and leadership skills. 
  • o Aptitude in problem-solving. 
  • o MBA Degree or related MS Degree in related field. Clinical Degree a plus! 

How to Apply: 

Please submit current resume and HR Employment Application to [email protected]